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On this page, you can read through the complete change lists for the following edits:

  • Rise of the Emperor

  • The Last Jedi Clean Cut

  • Last of the Jedi

  • A New Hope Reimagined

  • Spark of Rebellion

  • The Mandalorian, A Star Wars Story

  • Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

  • Heir to the Force

  • The Rebel

  • Obi-Wan Theatrical Cut

  • The Hunt for Kenobi

  • Batman 1989

  • Batman Returns

  • Batman Continues

If an existing edit was used as a base (common practice in "fanediting"), that information (if available) will be noted.

NOTE: For the loser online blindly accusing me of "plagiarism" for using fanedit bases or for modifying existing images for my cover art (among other bullshit), get a life. This is very common practice among "faneditors" (using that term loosely) and NONE of them own rights to ANYTHING being used... not even likenesses. So fuck off nerds before you ruin the art for everyone.

Rise of the Emperor

Major Changes:

  • New crawl to explain Sith cultists conjured up the spirit of Palpatine (who now possesses a crippled clone body) and also notes Luke's passing on (to fill in for the Clean Cut)

  • Add clip of First Order Trooper Carrier landing on Mustafar with Stormtroopers running out

  • Added enhanced sfx to Kylo's wrath sequence on Mustafar

  • Added Palpatine's voice saying 'goood" to Kylo right before he turns around to find Wayfinder - calling him

  • Cut Kylo’s ‘i’ll kill you’ to the Emperor. In my version Kylo is wary, but initially interested in, curious about, and tempted by the power Palpatine is offering. Just like Anakin.

  • Palps scene cuts straight to Rey training (no Falcon lightspeed skipping spy scene - weird pacing)

  • Cut ‘they fly now! They fly now? They fly now!’ for obvious reasons

  • Cut stormtrooper’s ‘the Knights of Ren. cool!’ (so goofy)

  • Cut Kylo’s ‘I sense unease about my appearance’

  • Added dramatic operatic rendition of 'Duel of the Fates' to the Kylo/Rey duel

  • Trim Rey’s mind trick on stormtroopers

  • Added ‘Emperor’s broadcast’ clip (fortnite) after Kigimi gets blow up - added radio static, BB8 sfx and music cue

  • Cut Kylo's silly jump down from their throne room fight.. looks awkward in the theatrical version

  • Added Han’s ‘Ben!’ yell as Kylo pauses from striking Rey. This adds some serious dramatic effect and also shows Leia can project voices too... just like Palps

  • Cut Luke’s ‘because you’re a Palpatine’ line

  • Luke has a hair trim (no wig) and is slimmed down (VFX via Jonh)

  • Cut Emperor’s ‘Empress Palpatine’ line

  • Add new more dramatic music as Rey hears voices of the Jedi and gets up to catch saber

  • Added voices of pilots and crew of the thousands of ships that show up to the Battle of Exegol

  • Rebuilt music and sfx for increased dramatic effect during the Rey vs. Palpatine sequence

  • Add Leia's voice to Luke's "always" as Rey gets up

  • The ghosts of Yoda, Obiwan, Luke and Anakin join Rey to help destroy Palpatine

  • Cut Lando's creepy 'let's find out where you're from" and recut to make him smile at Jannah

  • No shoehorned female-on-female kiss

  • No old lady at Luke's homestead, just Rey (no 'rey skywalker' and no yellow lightsaber) - added wind sfx and music cue


A. The ghosts of Luke, Leia, and Ben appear to Rey in the finale on Tatooine

B. The ghosts of Luke, Leia, Ben and Anakin appear to Rey in the finale on Tatooine

POST CREDITS SCENE: The saga ends in this scene of Luke reaching enlightenment in the world between worlds








Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 4.17.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.07.49

The Last Jedi Clean Cut Edition

Major Changes:

  • When Rey first arrives on Ahch-to, she climbs the steps right up to Luke's hut

  • When Leia is almost killed by the First Order's attack, Luke saves her using the Force

  • Luke mourns the death of Han Solo

  • There is no Finn/Rose side arc - no Canto Bight, no Phasma, and no slave children

  • There is no Fuel arc or feud between Poe and Vice Admiral Holdo

  • We now see Luke's 3rd lesson to Rey in the "Caretaker's Village"  scene

  • Snoke's Praetorian Guards are now Sith Guards and have red lightsabers - Saber Duel with Kylo and Rey

  • Luke uses his green lightsaber and hilt from Return of the Jedi in the duel with Kylo Ren

  • We do not see Luke fade away - he is last seen on his meditation rock as the sun sets. The setting sun is symbolic of Luke's transition.

  • No broom boy ending - we end with the rebels escaping Crait on the Falcon


Complete Change List:

  • Cut Rebel girl’s “oh no” in opening scene

  • Cut Poe's ‘prank call’ with Hux at the beginning

  • Cut Snoke slamming and dragging Hux - rearranged the scene to make it work

  • Trimmed ridiculous exaggerated amount of time it takes rebel bomber girl to catch the detonator

  • Cut Finn/Rose side arc altogether

  • Added Finn and Poe "jacket" deleted scene

  • Luke has a new intro. Finn asks where Rey is and then we cut to the ending scene for TFA of Rey in hyperspace in the falcon and then her arrival on Ach-too - she then climbs the steps to the huts and knocks on the door of Luke’s hut after he slams the door. Chewy breaks in the door and Luke’s “how did you find me?” works perfectly here (this edit works perfectly with versions of TFA that cut out the ending Luke scene, such as Digmodification's Heir to the Force edit.

  • Made Luke’s "Wait. Where’s Han?"line more dramatic with cut to Kylo smashing helmet and cut back to Rey telling Luke about Kylo Ren

  • Cut Poe/Holdo “fuel” arc

  • Inserted Ryan Glossemeyer’s “Luke saves Leia” scene. I think this  was a great way to give us more Luke and it makes so much sense that Leia almost dying would be the thing that makes Luke reconsider closing himself off from the force. Very powerful scene of Luke's return to the Force.

  • Cut DJ and Phasma side stories completely - these characters aren’t in this version of the movie

  • Added “Luke mourning Han” deleted scene

  • Cut Snoke’s “tied on a string indeed” line… since the choke slam is no longer in this edit

  • Included Holdo’s introduction speech but cut tension with Poe - this scene also adds a nice exposition about Leia alive and recovering after her space-walk

  • Cut Ach-Too caretakers altogether

  • Altered Luke and Rey’s dialogue inside the Force tree - no more awkward 'no one is from nowhere" exchange

  • Cut Luke/Rey joke bout “reaching out” and slapping on the hand

  • Added Luke’s 3rd lesson - Caretakes Village scene - this scene works great to fill is a few blanks for the viewers - mainly the inclusion of Luke’s 3rd lesson, but also adds tension between Rey and Luke right before she storms off and received Kylo’s “force skype” telling her his version of the story… and she kind of believes him because she’s already annoyed with Luke

  • Cut Holdo/Leia awkward “may the force be with you” and just let Holdo say it.

  • Cut Snoke’s “Tied on a string indeed” comment with Hux (since there is no reference to it prior to this scene in this edit)

  • Cut Rey force-grabbing Kylo’s saber in the Snoke confrontation, only to have it taken away from her a second later.

  • Snoke’s guards now have lightsabers (courtesy of Immersion VFX)
    Every Star Wars movie has a lightsaber duel… except The Last Jedi (and obviously Luke vs. Kylo doesn’t count). In an effort to make this edit even MORE like a traditional Star Wars film, Rey and Kylo's duel with the guards is now all all-out lightsaber duel. I actually like the idea that Snoke's guards could possibly be some of Luke’s former students. FInn fought with a lightsaber in TFA so it’s already been established you don’t have to be a Jedi or Sith anymore to wield a lightsaber.
    (in collaboration with Immersion VFX)

  • Cut Snoke laying on the floor

  • Cut Kylo’s “Do you want to know the truth about your parents?” lines

  • Cut Finn trying to crash into the battering ram and Rose saving him

  • Cut Finn’s “they hate that ship” in the Crait battle

  • Zoom/scale the explosion to crop Rose and Finn out when the battering ram blasts the giant door open

  • Luke uses his ROTJ hilt and GREEN lightsaber in duel with Kylo. (courtesy of Immersion VFX).

  • Edited/Rearranged the Luke/Kylo duel, including the reveal after Kylo thinks he's slashed him.

  • Removed broom boy and slave children ending

  • Removed Finn/Rose at the end

  • Removed Poe/Rey meeting

  • Luke doesn’t fade away in this version of the film - he is last seen on his “meditation rock” staring at the sunset followed by a shot of the island from a distance and then the sun goes down behind it. Luke's fate is purposely left ambiguous here and interpretation is left to the viewer. Episode 9 will likely include some exposition saying “Luke has died” or "returned to the Force" or something to that effect, so we really don’t have to SEE it happen in this film in order to maintain saga continuity.

  • Altered Rey’s conversation with Leia to omit “Luke is gone”

  • New iris transition to end movie with falcon scene

  • Added credits for myself and vfx artist

  • Cut Rey's "you cut yourself off" line
  • Leia doesn't slap Poe
  • Snoke doesn't zapp Kylo - recut
  • Kylo killing Snoke is complete surprise
  • Cropped out Luke's visible blue saber hilt in one shot during duel with Kylo
  • Cropped out Rey's prop saber blade tip in one shot in Caretakers' Village scene
  • Ben Swolo toned down - cropped/recut
  • You can now hear palpatine laugh when Rey is training with Luke on the ledge
  • Poe says "Leia!" when she appears for the first time after being hurt
  • Added after credits scene "What really happened between Luke and Ben"


The Last of the Jedi: Purist Edition

The Purist Version is almost exactly the same as The Clean Cut with the following exceptions:

  • Intro features Rey handing Luke his saber and him handing it back to her before walking away

  • Ending shows Luke fade away and him telling Rey "this is your fight now" (created using 2 separate lines from the TROS trailers)


Runtime: 1hr 35min (significantly less than the theatrical release)

A New Hope Reimagined


Major Changes:

  • Completely regraded scene-by-scene

  • All new blaster bolts, lightsabers and Vader's chestbox lights

  • Disney and Lucasfilm logo… “A Long Time Ago…”

  • Soft-opening - Solo-style text intro appears on screen line by line with music building up…

  • 10- minute Battle of Scarif prologue
    Completely recut fast-paced Battle of Scarif scene - totally recut and rebuilt - showing this scene really raises the stakes of the Death Star plans, the Rebellion and the conflict in the galaxy - totally adds depth and tension to the ANH intro when we get to it. The goal is to introduce the Rebellion and show the battle in which they acquired the plans - and seeing the Tantive escape the battle leads perfectly into ANH.


PROLOGUE: First, we see the Rebels scramble on Yavin to head out to Scarif. Then Radus and the Imperial officers provide us with all the exposition we need to guide us through what’s happening in the battle. Basically, the space fleet are providing cover for the guys on the ground and also trying to take down the shield to receive the transmission from Rebels down on the surface. The climax of the prologue is the destruction of the star destroyers, which subsequently destroys the Imperial shield-generator station and allows the transmission of the plans. We are also introduced to the Death star from afar (appropriate since the battle was all about the Death star). Immediately following, we hear Radus tell all ships to prepare for the jump to hyperspace and we see the Tantive take off and the screen goes blank…

“STAR WARS” intro

ANH starts as usual (we can assume the Empire tracked them and caught up)… BUT…

  • In this version, we have the classic intro to ANH but when the Star Destroyer fires on the Tantive, it cuts to inside the Tantive as the Rebels scramble. One rebel pulls a lever and shuts down the main reactor, which causes a power failure in the airlock corridor… trapping several rebels. The we see the Tantive taken up into the Star Destroyer… Vader corridor carnage ensues (completely rescored using ANH soundtrack)… the rebels manage to close the door on him. They then prepare for the Stormtroopers to blast the door open. ANH continues per the original…

  • Recreated all blaster bolts & lightsabers

  • Added subtle Imperial March theme when Vader enters the Tantive corridor after the Stormtroopers blow the door

  • Upgraded vfx on the Falcon in many shots throughout the movie

  • Han shoots first

  • No GGI jabba scene

  • Correct severed arm fixed in Cantina

  • When the falcon leaves Tatooine, we actually SEE the Falcon doing the maneuvers Han talks about. We see the Falcon approach the Star Destroyers as they cut him off and then actually skim and fly over and passed them… while chased by 2 TIE fighters

  • Luke’s saber (blue) is fixed while he trains on the Falcon

  • Hyperspace effect added

  • New Yavin establishing clips

  • Add in Sc.38 (in my own way - heavily edited - recut, rescored and inter-woven with ANH clips to ‘soften’ the impact)

  • New vfx shot for falcon vs. TIE fighter

  • New vfx shots for Death Star approach

  • Upgraded most x-wing, y-wing, and TIE fighter vfx shots in the Death Star attack

  • Darth Vader vs Obiwan SC.38 duel

  • Replace Death Star operators

  • Show the Death Star losing power just before it explodes

  • Upgraded Death Star explosion to make it more dramatic - we can now see recognizable pieces of it after the explosion

Lots of minor changes, score adjustments, sfx enhancements added throughout.

A New Hope Reimagined: Purist Version

The Purist Version is exactly the same cut with the following exceptions:

  • The Obiwan and Vader duel is taken from the Original Cut, as opposed to Sc.38 Reimagined

Spark of Rebellion

Rogue One becomes a true war movie in this fast-paced short film about the Battle of Scarif. In an all-new scene, the intro features Emperor Palpatine (featuring the voice talent of Bradley Klein) summoning Vader to his throne room on Death Star 1 and informs him Scarif is under attack. He then orders him to go there and protect the Death Star plans. On Scarif, rebel ground troops have already managed to infiltrate the Imperial Base and steal the Death Star plans. Now, the Rebels must find a way to transmit them off the planet and escape certain death before time runs out!

Major Changes:

  • Complete regrade
  • Custom crawl for 'Spark of Rebellion' title
  • New Emperor/Vader scene in the Emperor's throne room on the first Death Star
  • All New Vader and Emperor dialogue about the Rebel attack on Scarif
  • No "main" characters, just Rebels
  • No Death Star at Scarif - only Vader's fleet
  • Vader's eyes are made black in all scenes
  • Deepfakes Leia upgrade/face replacement
  • Added clip of Shoretroopers retreating to cover next to an AT- ACT (Walmart clip)
  • Added SFX on Destroyers crashing and plans transmission
  • Lots of minor changes, score adjustments, sfx enhancements added throughout


The Mandalorian, A Star Wars Story

The first 3 episodes of The Mandalorian (and small part of Episode 4 and 8) create quite a cohesive story with a satisfying ending. The story about the unlikely bond between a mercenary bounty hunter and the baby bounty he (and we!) never expected. You are definitely gonna want to check this out!

  • Color corrected - saturated color a bit

  • Mando's origin story

  • Rearranged intro logos - added Mando score

  • Added Mando score to a few spots

  • Most of EP1 intact

  • Cut "have you ever seen a... evacuate their thorax?" line

  • Rearranged the trek across the desert, getting attacked by other boutyhunters along the way

  • Cut Jawas

  • Cut Nick Nolte’s character helping Mando get back to his ship - now he just treks across the desert to get back to his ship

  • added sunset transition footage and color corrected to match next scene

  • the two end up walking up and over a ridge and end up in a plain surrounded by mountains - the Mando decides (albeit reluctantly) to check out a cave in one of the mountains (possible shortcut to the other side?) and encounters the rhino monster on the way

  • Cut Nick Nolte’s character from the desert planet take-off

  • Once they take off, baby yoda plays with the lever knob and then the Mando puts him back in his basket, only to have him come out again when he’s not looking and start playing with buttons (edited 2 scenes together to make one) - really works perfectly and sets up the payoff at the end

  • Mando returns baby for bounty (exhibiting a suppressed concern for it’s fate)

  • Mando upgrades armor and in the process, remembers his own childhood as other Mandalorians engage him about their code and past. Subsequently, he has a growing concern for the child bounty he just delivered

  • Mando is about to leave the planet and sees the lever and decides to rescue baby

  • Mando rescues baby

  • Mando shoots his way off the planet

  • Climax of the movie is the Mando support squad that shows up for the big shootout

  • Cut flying Mando salute

  • Ends with Mando giving baby Yoda the lever knob

  • The two ride off into the sunset… ehem space

  • You see the duo arrive on a sparsely populated planet and walk off together (includes the 'you stay here' scene)

  • Added new score to the end - Mando score with interpolated star wars cues

Lord Vader, A Star Wars Story

It starts with a Prologue - about 20 minutes of young Anakin’s story: Both the Jedi and the Sith sense a vergeance/disturbance in the Force and they are in a race to find the boy.

This is the story I always felt the prequels should’ve been… super simple. You’ll notice the first few scenes are the same things happening on the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force… they both feel it and are compelled to take action. This sets up a much more meaningful confrontation between the Jedi and Darth Maul.

The prologue is about 20 minutes and very fast-paced using the best and most useful parts of TPM imo. The goal was to create Anakin’s origin story in a short time that can be watched and understood by someone who has never seen Star Wars before; and for those who know the films well, it’s a fun quick abridged version of young Anakin’s backstory with a new spin. Oh, and young Anakin barely speaks. The lightsaber fight takes up about half of the prologue’s 20 min runtime. The rest of the movie, after the title card, picks up with a heavily edited EP3.


The arrangement:


  • Qui Gon tells the Jedi council he has encountered a vergeance in the Force.

  • They postulate it may be ‘the Chosen One’ and tell him to bring the boy to them.

  • Obi wan warns Qui Gon he senses something… elusive. Qui gon tells him to relax.

  • Palpatine tells Darth Maul there is a disturbance and that Anakin must not become a Jedi.

  • Qui Gon and Obi Wan travel to Tatooine to get the boy from his mother.

  • Darth Maul arrives on Tatooine shortly after and sends out probes to find them.

  • Maul confronts them on their way back and Qui Gon escapes with Anakin.

  • Qui Gon and Obi wan bring Anakin before the council and they test him.

  • The Jedi council concludes he will not be trained and assigns them a mission to accompany the Queen to Naboo.

  • Qui Gon tells Anakin he can’t train him but to shadow him and be mindful.

  • They travel to Naboo as the Queen’s bodyguards where there is a brief skirmish among locals. - While accompanying the Queen, Darth Maul appears and the Jedi confront him.

  • I added Duel of the Fates score to the Obi wan/Maul fight for increased intensity

  • Qui Gon gets killed and tells Obi Wan to train the boy.

  • Obi wan get permission from Yoda to train Anakin.

  • Qui Gon funeral

  • ::Lord Vader title card::

  • Open with Obi-Wan and Anakin arriving on Coruscant after the kill Dooku/Palpatine Rescue mission - exposition tells all we need to know about events prior

  • Cut Mace’s line about Grievous being a coward and always running and hiding.

  • Re-cut the “I’m Pregnant” scene

  • Transition directly to the balcony scene.

  • Trimmed balcony scene to remove corniness.

  • Anakin’s nightmare is black - no visuals.

  • Cut Anakin’s avoidance in talking to Padme on the lower balcony, trim dialog overall.

  • Transition to Anakin missing the briefing scene.

  • Transition from Obi-Wan informing Anakin he’s been summoned to Opera scene.

  • Cut out first half of the Opera scene.

  • Modify Palpatine dialog to remove both ‘Darth’ and ‘midichlorians’

  • Transition directly to Anakin talking to Yoda about his dreams of death.

  • Trim out dialog which makes it difficult to believe Yoda can’t see the underlying problem/threat in Anakin.

  • Transition to Palpatine’s office.

  • Trim Anakin’s hesitancy about promotion.

  • Transition to deleted scene of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace (slightly trimmed dialog)

  • Transition to Jedi Council informing Anakin he won’t be a Master

  • Tone down Anakins angry reaction

  • Re-cut reaction shots so that Obi-Wan gives Anakin a disapproving glare, and Anakin sees it.

  • Transition from Obi-Wan delivering Anakin’s assignment to Deleted Scene in Bail’s office (trim dialog)

  • Transition to Gunship carrying Yoda, Mace and Obi-Wan (trim dialog about not trusting Anakin)

  • Transition to Grievous/Palpatine sequence. Uncut.

  • Transition to Yoda on Kashyyk and Jedi Council meeting where Anakin reveals location of Grievous

  • Cut Ki-Adi Mundi stating that a Master with more experience is needed.

  • Cut Yoda almost getting hit.

  • Transition to deleted scene in Padme’s apartment. Trim dialog slightly.

  • Transition to Anakin seeing Obi-Wan off - trim dialog.

  • Transition to sounds of Anakin’s 2nd vision - Anakin senses the future - no visuals.

  • Trim dialog between Anakin and Padme about finding a new power to save her.

  • Transition to Obi-Wan departing Cody and his Star Destroyer

  • Transition to Deleted scene of Palpatine’s office and the petition of the 2000

  • Cut dialog about sensing betrayal in Padme

  • Cut to Obi-Wan arriving on Utapau

  • Trim dialog about warriors, now is the time, and is he bringing additional warriors

  • Replace lizard’s squawks with more threatening/less annoying creature-sounds (alla l8wrtr)

  • Cut out squealing Manga-Guard under fallen machinery

  • Re-sequenced dialog between Kenobi and Grievious

  • Cut Grievous taunting Kenobi when he is obviously losing.

  • Cut Obi-Wan’s over-telegraphing his Force-push

  • Cut out droid scream as Grievous runs him over.

  • Replace Lizard audio (alla L8wrtr)

  • Slightly trim dialog between Palpatine and Anakin after Anakin delivers update

  • Tighten Kenobi chasing Grievous, remove lizard audio

  • Cut end of Grievous’ death howl.

  • Slightly trim dialog between Mace and Anakin

  • Speed up Palpatine’s attack on Jedi Masters/trim out silly aspects of Mace/Palpatine fight.

  • Model Palpatine/Mace/Anakin sequence after L8wrtr/Kerr’s version

  • Heavily trim initial dialog between Anakin and Palpatine after Mace is thrown out the window

  • Cut “including your friend Obi-Wan Kenobi”

  • Replace Lizard audio as Kenobi approaches Cody, and is blasted at once Order 66 starts

  • Re-cut and re-score Order 66 - inter-cut Yoda sensing the deaths real-time and cut amount of time it takes Mundi’s and Sacura’s troops to fire on them.

  • Cut padawan’s dialog as Anakin enters the council chamber

  • Cut Bail’s “And so it is…”

  • Trim initial dialog between Padme and Anakin on her balcony.

  • Modify Yoda’s dialog on the Tantive IV

  • Cut R2 popping out of Anakin’s fighter

  • Cut Kenobi/Yoda assault on the Temple Guards

  • Trim Kenobi/Yoda dialog in Temple Hallway

  • Cut Yoda line about Clones in relation to not figuring out the re-calibration

  • Trim dialog between Yoda and Kenobi after watching security hologram

  • Cut Anakin’s line about seeing her ship

  • Trim dialog between Padme and Anakin, more focused, eliminate his hesitancy when he says he can overthrow the Emperor.

  • Add crunching sound as Anakin chokes/crushes Padme’s neck

  • Trim dialog between Kenobi and Anakin

  • Cut and re-sequence initial confrontation between Yoda and Palpatine. No Force-lightening, now throwing Palpatine into a chair, and first half of lightsaber fighting in the office.

  • Cut Anakin and Kenobi fighting on high-wire

  • Completely recut Yoda/Palpatine confrontation

  • Yoda gets up much quicker after being hit by force lightning

  • Yoda/Palpatine Saber duel rearranged

  • Cut Emperor’s reaction time as Yoda hurls a pod back at him

  • Re-cut final Force-lightening stand-off on floating pod. Yoda is overpowered blasted off the pod, falling to the Senate floor while Palpatine remains on the Pod.

  • Cut Anakin ‘lava surfing’ - he leaps right from giant crashing platform to the one Obi wan is on

  • Cut ‘Higher ground’ conclusion, mimic L8wrtr and Corgicar’s quick leap/cut

  • Cut Padme talking to Kenobi in the medical bed of the ship

  • Cut Palpatine and troops looking for Anakin and the order to get a medical capsule

  • Cut Padme’s dying from losing the will to live, she’s just dying.

  • Remove all Padme crying in pain and dialog

  • Regrade Palpatine to look more like he did in Return of the Jedi (less red, more white and grey)

  • THIS IS THE PAY OFF SCENE. Completely recut and rescored ‘Birth of Vader’ scene with new dialogue - Palpatine now says “Anakin… can you hear me?” to which Vader responds “Anakin Skywalker was weak… I destroyed him” (taken from Rebels) - I think this is much more of an emotional moment showing the extent to which Anakin’s mind has really gone off the deep end. Anakin is gone and Darth Vader has completely taken over at this point.

  • Recut and rescored Padme’s funeral - added funeral bells and “across the stars” theme

  • Replace Venator-class Star Destroyer with New VFX shot of TIE fighters and OT Star Destroyers to link up with RO and ANH and infer there were preparations behind the scenes for the Empire… in other words, Palpatine had everything ready for the takeover.

  • Added post-credits scene of Obi-wan's holographic message to the surviving Jedi (audio from Rebels - video is newly created vfx

Heir to the Force

This is a heavily edited version of The Force Awakens and the perfect lead-in supplement to The Last Jedi Clean Cut. The spotlight feature of this edit is the preservation of Kylo Ren's true identity until the end of the movie, which dramatically increases the impact.

  • Digmodification base

  • All new special effects and music

  • Extended reveal of Kylo Ren

  • Original OT Falcon turret sfx; TFA

  • EU & John Williams cues to enhance scenes

  • Snoke is a Hologram

  • A new ending without the Luke scene

  • Add very brief shot of Vader to Rey's force vision

Reinstated deleted scene of Kylo in the Falcon with an uncropped version

The Rebel

  • Digmodification base

  • Added custom crawl for new title and focus on imperial military

  • New pan down to new star destroyer shot

  • News shots of Han as a TIE fighter pilot skimming the side of the star destroyer, interwoven with shots from the deleted scenes of cockpit shots of Han

  • Inserted deleted scene of Han being reprimanded by his Imperial superiors

  • Inserted an extended Battle of Mimban scene including the death of the minigun gunner, which shows Han is a rebel wise-ass, BUT definitely has a heart

  • Cut stormtrooper chatter (removed Han’s subtitles when he’s talking to Chewbacca)
  • Cut Han’s faking being mauled by Chewbacca

  • Inserted Mimban sky shot that was cut earlier in the film

  • Removed Han/Chewbacca shower scene and added wipe transition to Vandor space sunrise scene. While I like this scene and tired to keep it, I needed to add a wipe here and it just wouldn’t work with the shower scene

  • Removed Han yelling he’s ok and Chewbacca growling back to him

  • Reversed and repurposed shot of Han to allow for a wipe transition to the exterior of Niima Outpost

  • Removed droid cage fight. Sure it’s world building, but it’s distracting and L3 verbalizes enough to give us the narrative

  •  trimmed L3 and yelling and removed cage fight scenes

  • Cut L3 saying she can’t work with people watching her. It’s just creepy odd and I wanted to eliminate all of the droid sexualization stuff from the film

  • Added green screen welding sparks to distract the eye from the fact that her saw isn’t spinning at all

  • Cut L3’s lines to Han. Now she simply says “Excuse me”. Added droid sfx and gear sfx to simulate her movements

  • Cut the equal rights scene between Lando and L3. I’m all for equity, but this just felt tacked on. Again, L3’s character still fights for these rights and talks about them, but she isn’t solely focused on them either. This scene just makes her into a walking poster for equal rights. She’s much more than that and removing this scene makes her character more dimensional by allowing us to see her for who she is rather than this one focus area, imo

  • Cut Q’ra and L3’s girl talk scene. There is no sexual tension between Lando and L3 in this edit

  • Removed droid saying “freedom”

  • Cut short shot of Q’ra and Beckett after Han tells them he’s at the vault

  • Cut Q’ra and Beckett’s response to Han’s taking out the guard

  • Cut L3 turning around and yelling about the droid rebellion

  • Removed Lando hugging L3 and caressing her after her power goes out. He still yells, but it’s more like how Luke reacts to R2 than what they imply in this film

  • Removed Beckett’ and Han’s back and forth about if the Tie fighters are still on them

  • Cut down some of the scene when Q’ra first goes back to help Lando and sees the fire

  • cut Beckett complaining about hurting his fingers

  • Added TIE fighter pilot cockpit shot from Rogue One

  • Cut Lando asking if Han knew it was the escape pod why would he do that

  • Cut the back and forth after Han yells “Now!”

  • Removed the Falcon loosing power gag

  • Removed Han’s lines over the radio after he says they have coaxium that they need to off load immediately

  • Stabilized scenes and layer masked the falcon departure in order to remove the falcon leaving gag

  • Removed Han’s macho moment with Enfys nest and the falcon leaving gag. Repurposed a zoomed wide shot of Enfys and the marauders while Beckett continues his speech before cutting back to him talking visually

  • Removed Darth Maul cameo - in my opinion, it should've been Jabba

  • Added wipe transition to Numidian Prime

  • Cut zooming in camera on Lando and some of his lines

  • Cut the dice scene and added iris out, moved audio mix up to create natural flow to credits

Return of the Jedi (FGR Cut)

  • Possessed base

  • All lightsaber blades and blaster shots are reanimated, as well as a few VFX enhancements courtesy of Telecine7.

  • Very light color regrade

  • Replace/upgrade Jabba's palace matte background as C-3P0 and R2D2 approach

  • Salacious Crumb no longer has any cutaways or close ups of him laughing at the character. You can still see him in the background and hear him laughing with the crowd a few times

  • Luke's hologram colored to look more like a hologram

  • Added vfx to Han thawing from Carbonite

  • Added smoke/steam effect to Han thawing

  • Many cuts and rearranging of footage for the entire Jabba's Palace portion of the film to make it less silly, and conceal some of the bad muppet looking creatures.

  • The Sail Barge battle is completely re edited. It is more intense now (and Boba's 'demise' is now Luke's doing!)

  • Obi wan's ghost recolored to look more like a force ghost

  • Rebel briefing scene edited heavily to remove campiness

  • Han and Lando's scene together removed

  • Heavy trims to the scenes aboard the stolen shuttle

  • Leia's scene where Wickett discovers her removed. Her appearance is a surprise to the audience as well as Luke and Han.

  • Many trims to the ewoks and endor as a whole - the Ewoks are no longer involved in the actual battle - only rebels vs. stormies!

  • New scenes added of rebels engaged in the forest battle (intense!)

  • New fx shots added to Death Star core approach and escape

  • New scene of stormtroopers viewing Death Star explosion from Endor surface and retreating

  • Shaw ghost reinstated

  • Force ghosts recolored/enhanced

Obi-Wan Theatrical Cut

  • Lots of minor cuts throughout to improve flow and continuity

  • Anakin has been added to the opening Order 66 sequence (it now ends with him slashing younglings)

  • Inquisitors landing on Tatooine has been cut

  • Reva no longer has a side-story/arc - she is now just one of the Inquisitors

  • Leia's abduction is heavily trim - no chase through the forest

  • Luke only appears once from a distance

  • Hologram message from Bail Organa is now a recording, not a live call

  • Obiwan arriving on Daiyu is now a brief montage as Obiwan tracks down Leia

  • Leia's rescue and escape to shipping hangar is heavily trimmed

  • Obi-Wan is not as resistent or hesitant overall in this cut

  • Vader and Obiwan's first confrontation is heavily cut - Obiwan does not run from Vader

  • Trimmed Mapuzo to omit Freck and Stormtrooper ride. Instead, Leia now flags down an Imperial transport

  • Raid on Jabiim has been trimmed. The Stormtroopers now try to breach the doors but only trap the rebels until Vader arrives. No shoot out.

  • Anakin/Obiwan flashbacks have Anakin de-aged

  • First Anakin/Obiwan flashback has been cut

  • Overall faster pacing and more focused on Leia, Obiwan and Vader (not Reva or Luke)

Obi-Wan Theatrical Cut Regrade

All changes same as above with these new changes:

  • More vibrant colors throughout

  • Cut one scene of Obiwan back at work at the buchery/train back to Mos Eisley (unnecessary) - he doesn't go back to work after he finds out about Leia

  • Shot of Vader opening his eyes in bacta tank added to Obiwan's meditation as he escapes Daiyu

  • Added Grand Inquisitor's voice to Obiwan's meditation - so the focus isn't on Reva anymore, they are all taunting Obiwan as he tries to connect with his masters

  • Drastic regrade to all scenes inside the Fortress Inquisitorius (a lot less green)

  • New more dramatic score when Obiwan sees Anakin through his mask in the finale

The Hunt for Kenobi

  • No Leia Kidnapping - No Leia at all

  • No planet hopping - completely takes place on Tatooine (and partly Mustafar)

  • New Crawl Intro

  • New Star Destroyer and Probe Droid scene

  • Re-arranged Inquisitor scene

  • Added Vader to Obiwan's dream sequence

  • Added "he's coming" voice over

  • New Vader 'bacta tank' and 'suiting up' sequence with added footage from Rogue One

  • New Vader dream sequence

  • Heavily cut Vader/Emperor conversation

  • Recut and rescore Obiwan digging up lightsabers

  • Added Tatooine to shot of Vader looking out window

  • Added new AI dialogue to captain who tells Vader "We've spotted Kenobi"

  • Added Tatooine to shot with Vader

  • Added Tatooine to show of Vader's shuttle flying towards planet

  • Tightened and cut Vader landing shot

  • Added Mos Espa shot from Book of Boba

  • Inserted cut and rearranged village scene (now takes place on Tatooine)

  • Heavy cuts to Vader looking for Obiwan in the stalactite forest

  • Removed ship from background of Vader

  • New shot of Tatooine from space

  • Heavy cuts to first encounter

  • Obiwan/Vader duel HEAVILY cut and completely rescored

  • Ground breaking open and rock throwing is cut

  • Rescored Obiwan in desert right before he sees Qui-Gon


Post credits scenes

  • Obi wan scene created with FGR original hut image and composite

  • Vader scene created with FGR composite of Obi-Wan Kenobi and ESB footage (except the :27 and :58-1:01 profile shot by Adywan)

  • All VFX done by FGR except Star Destroyer shot (credit to Skyforge)


  • Double O Productions Ultimate Version Base

  • Complete Color Correction by FGR

  • Knox and Vicki Vale minimized overall

  • Focused on Batman and Joker - faster pacing

  • Cut Lost Family Intro Scene

  • Cut politicians scene - transition right to Jack Napier watching Politicians on TV

  • Trimmed event at Wayne Manor to minimize Vicki and Knox

  • Cut Joker surgery scene (what was the surgery?) - more intense Joker reveal

  • No date night with Vicki

  • Shoe polish removed from neck in Joker reveal scene (Double O VFX)

  • Trimmed Bruce talking to Alfred - no mention of Vicki

  • Rearranged court house scene - Bruce now walks up to the steps when he sees the crowd gathering

  • Trimmed Joker cutting up photos to remove mention of Bruce and Vicki dating

  • Trimmed museum scene - Vicki is no longer waiting for Bruce

  • Paintings fixed for continuity (Double O VFX)

  • New Elfman Batman theme clip from Justice League added while Bruce talks to Alfred

  • Music added and new transition added when Bruce realizes Jack Napier killed his parents

  • Added Batmobile speeding sound effect

  • Bat belt fixed in helicopter scene (Double O VFX)

  • Cut politicians speech in outro

  • Added shot of Wayne Manor with Bat signal (FGR VFX)

  • Added Batman suiting up scene for ending

  • Cut Vicki Vale ending and rooftop scene



  • More serious tone overall

  • Color corrected

  • Rearranged scenes

  • Added Snow over WB logo

  • New 90s style Intro Credits with new a shot of Gotham (throwback to Batman 1989 with snow added)

  • The Penguin's origin story intro has been removed

  • Penguin is now more mysterious and has a delayed reveal

  • The first act is now focused on Selina Kyle and her origin

  • Cut Shreck pretending to go in for a kiss before pushing Selina

  • Trimmed Bruce bumbling when he meets Selina in Shreck's office

  • Cut Bruce saying they've met before

  • Trimmed Selina in her apartment

  • Added additional SFX throughout the film

  • Cut Batman's "Eat floor" "high fiber" lines

  • Bruce no longer spits out his soup and asks Alfred why it's cold

  • Cut goofy security guards when Catwoman breaks into Shreck's department store

  • "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is now heard more clearly in tree-lighting intro scene

  • Wayne Manor is fixed to match Wayne Manor in Batman 1989 in all shots

  • Removed Selina Kyle taser scene - she is no longer in the street for Batman to save

  • Heavily trimmed Batman's first meeting with Penguin - now stares him down and asks "what do you want?"

  • Added sfx to Batmobile scenes

  • Trimmed and cropped broadcast on TV about Batman kidnapping and added headline to the TV for context

  • There is no batarang involved in the kidnapping framing - I created a news headline on the tv to create new context

  • Removed some of the silliness in the fighting scenes

  • Trimmed Bruce/Selina silly banter on the street about Catwoman and Batman

  • Cut Bruce telling Selina about Vicki Vale

  • Fixed wobbly headstone in Penguin scene

  • Fixed Batman's eye makeup in final scene

  • Replaced Michelle Pfieffer's stuntwoman's face before she blows up Shrek's store

  • Removed Catwoman from the rooftop at the end

  • And lots more cuts and changes!


  • The Flash rebranded as the 3rd installment of the Keaton (Burton) Batman movies

  • More serious and dark tone overall

  • New Intro music and "Batman Continues" title card to match Burton styling

  • Everything from The Flash is cut up to when the Barrys arrive at Wayne Manor

  • Exposition gets us caught up with the "time traveling" situation

  • Trimmed kitchen dialogue to be less goofy

  • Trimmed the Barrys arguing in the Batcave

  • Cut Barry putting his leg up on Batman

  • Cut Barry throwing up during Batman fight scene

  • Cut Bat-tape measure

  • Cut Batman trying several times to crack code to open Superman's prison enclosure

  • Cut Flash's "scrotum" line

  • Cut Batman trying twice to make Russian scientist flinch (he does it once)

  • Cut Clooney ending

  • Added new ending with young Keaton Bruce Wayne watching Barry's father's trial on tv

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