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This site was created for fans who simply want more out of the films we know and love. These alternate edits are intended to provide fans with a fun and exciting way to re-experience our favorite movies!


The goal is to create an alternate "what if" version of each movie including the actual edits, cover art and disc art.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is 100% FREE for verified fans to enjoy!




  • Master and Apprentice: Anakin vs. Ahsoka (short)

  • BATMAN RETURNS, The Ultimate Revisited Edition

  • BATMAN 1989, The Ultimate Revisited Edition

Request a Password (you absolutely MUST verify you own the originals) to access the Vault

A SPECIAL MESSAGE: First, a quick note of appreciation for all the support of fans of this site over the years. I appreciate all the messages, support and feedback. Faneditors are a dime a dozen these days, which makes it tough to find good quality edits. I strive to bring fans the best quality edits for your enjoyment. Second, as with anything else, there are faneditors out there intent on slandering my work online in an effort to elevate their own. I let the work speak for itself! Check out the site and enjoy! i hope you like it!

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